CliniBooks Endoscopy


CliniBooks Endoscopy is a management system that supports the endoscopy pathway from registering the patient to discharge. It schedules new, follow-up, surveillance and rescope appointments, tailored to the procedure, maximising session time. It can be stand alone or integrated to PAS using HL7. The system provides for nurse and endoscopist noting, eliminating the need for paper record, provides alerts, tracks histology, reducing the need for additional paper systems to ensure that patients are safely followed up. Dashboards allow users to see at a glance where patients are in the diagnostic pathway.


Key features:

  • Intelligent scheduling using the JAG recommended scoring system
  • Records the patient triage
  • Records the nursing assessment, using agreed patient pathways
  • Tracks patients through the endoscopy process
  • Configurable dashboards to support diagnostic waiting times
  • Rescopes and surveillance lists
  • Provides for new and follow-up

Patient Safety

  • The right information at the right time in the patient’s pathway
  • Continuous record, accessed by all clinicians, to support multidisciplinary working
  • All information entered into the system fully auditable
  • Recording of allergies or adverse events
  • Flags for other clinical issues for monitoring
  • Tracking of histology and surveillance patients

Clinical Noting

  • Workflows designed around the patient pathway
  • Record of patient triage
  • Nurse assessments recorded electronically
  • Patient tracking
  • Recording of vital signs and drugs given

EMS supports the assessment and compliance proces for JAG and reduces administration time.  It enables all clinicians to access the patient pathway and record data remotely.  It provides simplified coding for accuracy of data and makes reporting easy.


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