RHS attends first NHS Hack Day in London


Responsive Healthcare Solutions Technical Director Matt Cutting attended the first ever NHS Hack Day in London.

NHS Hack Days are weekend events that brings together doctors, nurses, developers, designers, and other "geeks who love the NHS" to create disruptive solutions to problems in the health space. NHS Hack Days are ongoing and enjoy the support of prominent international health care and technology leaders.

The project Matt worked on over the weekend is defined below.

Conflict of interest in the academic literature

When using evidence to support clinical decision-making, it is important that the evidence used is as free from bias as possible, and where that is not possible, that some kind of allowance is made for bias. An important source of bias in the literature is commercial bias, where it is in the interests of commercial organisations to weight the literature in favour of their products. This does not necessarily involve deliberate manipulation, but may be a result of investment of resources in ensuring publication of favourable results and neglect of unfavourable results, generating a publication bias. 

You can view the full outcome of the study here.

More details on the event can be found here and details of the winning project here.