RHS Completes IG Toolkit


Responsive Healthcare Solutions successfully completed Level II of the Department of Health Information Governance Toolkit.

What is Information Governance?

Information Governance is to do with the way organisations ‘process’ or handle information. It covers personal information, ie that relating to patients/service users and employees, and corporate information, eg financial and accounting records. Information Governance provides a way for employees to deal consistently with the many different rules about how information is handled, including those set out in: 

  • The Data Protection Act 1998.
  • The common law duty of confidentiality.
  • The Confidentiality NHS Code of Practice.
  • The NHS Care Record Guarantee for England.
  • The Social Care Record Guarantee for England.
  • The international information security standard: ISO/IEC 27002: 2005.
  • The Information Security NHS Code of Practice.
  • The Records Management NHS Code of Practice.
  • The Freedom of Information Act 2000.

What is the IG Toolkit?

The Information Governance Toolkit is a performance tool produced by the Department of Health (DH). It draws together the legal rules and central guidance set out above and presents them in one place as a set of information governance requirements.

Further information on the IG Toolkit can be found on the NHS Connecting for Health website here.

You can view our IG Governance Report here.